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Are you feeling stuck?

Do you recognise that things could be better?

Are you struggling to cope?

Don’t worry, you aren’t alone! Almost all of us, at some point in life, encounter difficulties through the journey of finding purpose, fulfillment and relationships that bring us excitement and joy.

You might feel that you are being stretched in many different directions right now. You might be struggling with your job, your relationships and having difficulties making the "right" decisions in life. Perhaps it is stress, depression or anxiety that’s getting in the way of bringing your true self to your performance and social interactions.

And that’s why, at Aruna Therapy, we’re dedicated to supporting individuals by learning about their concerns and exploring solutions that can help them live a life full of meaning.

No matter if it’s dealing with common relationship problems or wanting to connect more deeply with your inner self, our counselling service can help you gain clarity, insight, and perspective using your own personal strengths, so you can regain inner wellbeing.

Together in counselling, we will work towards discovering more about who you are and what you need to live your own best life. What’s more? This therapeutic relationship functions on a person-centred approach, where together we can dig out the roots of obstacles causing discomfort and pave a path for your wholeness and healing. Also, the tranquil and safe ambiance amplifies this process.

So, if you find yourself reading through this page, perhaps there is a part of you that is willing to explore a different way of living.  You are most welcome to contact me for a free confidential chat with no obligation, so we can find out if it would be beneficial for us to work together.

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Start your sessions with Karina now. 

Each session is 60 minutes. 


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