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Anxiety Worksheets

& Coping Strategies

Anxiety, unfortunately is a common issue in today's society. Anxiety is the body's response when we are faced with a threat or a perceived threat. In this document you will find several coping strategies and worksheets to support you in accessing relief when it comes to reducing your symptoms of stress, tension and anxiety.

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How to Practice


The journey to self-acceptance and self-love is not a straight-forward pathway but learning how to be kind to oneself is a great place to start! Self-kindness is a beautiful practice which over time, will provide a multitude of lovely benefits, but as with all practices, it takes commitment and patience. In this document you will find some ideas about how you can improve the relationship with yourself through various practices.

Self-Care Checklist

Our weekly self-care checklist helps you to maintain those all important healthy habits to support your mind, body and soul. Self-care is the purposeful activities you choose with the sole intention of improving your wellbeing. Keeping track of your self-care routine is crucial for optimum wellness and helps you to build resilience against stress, tension and burnout.

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