The Journey

Founded by Brandon Bays, The Journey is a unique healing process which allows you to heal from the very core of your being, freeing you from physical, emotional and psychological issues. This powerful tool can assist in releasing information stored at cellular level and can be profoundly enlightening, bringing you clarity and freedom. 

Brandon Bays

Brandon is recognized as one of the most dynamic, inspirational and innovative teachers in the field of personal growth and mind-body-healing. She is internationally known for her radically transformative work in the fields of cellular healing, emotional wellbeing and spiritual awakening, and is the pioneer of The Journey Method®.

It was in the face of adversity that Brandon discovered her true calling. Diagnosed with a large tumour, she embarked on a remarkable, soul-searching, transformational and liberating healing journey. It allowed her to heal from her tumour in just 6½ weeks, without drugs or surgery. In doing so, she uncovered a means to get direct access to the boundless healing potential that exists inside each of us and developed a natural healing method that can help everyone. The process works on all levels of being – emotional, physical and spiritual.

She is the pioneer of The Journey Method, a practical and liberating tool for healing and awakening, and is dedicated to bringing healing and freedom to people around the globe.

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My Journey

I was first introduced to Brandon in February 2018, when I went on the Journey Intensive weekend in London. There was something deep within that called me to her work and so it wasn’t long before I recognised that this powerful healing process was part of my purpose. This led me on a very exciting journey as I signed up for the Journey Practitioner Programme. Throughout 2018, I underwent my own deep transformational healing which revealed many hidden truths and discoveries. I am passionate about finding my truth and letting go of that which does not serve me anymore. This method allowed me to do that in a very profound way. It has helped to let go of pain from the past, find forgiveness and heal from the core of my being. My Journey work has allowed me to let go of limiting beliefs, undo unhealthy patterns and find freedom. 

I am still working towards accreditation but coming soon will be the following:

Physical Journey Process

Emotional Journey Process 

Belief Change

Designer Journey 


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