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Emotional Wellness Consultation

Find Fulfilment, Create Impact, And Redefine Your Mental Health
A journey to awaken the elite inside you so you can be the absolute best version of yourself.

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You’ve done it all by the book: The education. The job. The salary. The partner. The family. You’re a top performer and from the outside all looks great …and yet, you still feel like something is missing or not quite right. 

Living your own life doesn’t excite you anymore! You feel a loss of inspiration and energy, and you worry that you have lost your purpose. You might ask yourself, “Am I good enough?” or feel trapped in your own emotional prison.


You know it’s high time to turn over a new leaf. To get rid of everything that is holding you back and shift your mindset from its present state to the elite. All so you can live your life to the fullest and enjoy the full spectrum of your personality. 


I've got just the thing —an action-oriented, 1:1 mentoring session that helps you gain clarity on the vision that lights you up, the motivation to pursue your goals, and the accountability to make it happen. Whether you are an established professional, a stay-at-home parent, or just starting off in your first job, I'll help build concrete steps to turn your "I feel empty" or "I’m not good enough…” into a confident "YES, I’ve got this!”

Connecting With Your True Self in the Mentoring Session…

…without having to impress anyone, prove yourself, or be responsible for anything. 


At Aruna Therapy, I believe in the authenticity of each and every person who connects with our services. I know it can be scary to try something new, but I’ve made it my mission to help you find the roadmap for a happy, authentic YOU! 


I know it's hard out there. I get it. Sometimes, the going gets tough and all you want to do is give up. That’s when I will be right there by your side to remind you of what you are capable of. In our confidential, 1:1 session, I will guide you through eye-opening exercises, ask thought-provoking questions that move you past your limiting beliefs, and assist you in creating a step-by-step plan for accomplishment.


Together we will put our heads together and dig down to the root cause of your problems. And pinpoint solutions that will both improve your mental health and help you excel personally and professionally.


Emotional healing is a process which means a steadfast commitment and getting out of your conditioned realms of safety. But the journey of self-discovery will inspire you to play with what’s possible when you lead from a beautiful state of mind. 

Why Me? I Am Your Change.

I am here to be your anchor through the storm. I will steer you in the right direction and help you navigate the right path. Faithfully and relentlessly, I will have your back!


As a therapist with over 10 years’ experience, I help people to move from what holds them back to what excites them. My personal mentoring sessions offer you genuine supportive encouragement and strategies to help you move forward in your life. Each client is unique, so I tailor each session to your specific needs. There is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to your mental health and wellbeing.


When you're looking for a personal mentor, it can be hard to know who the best choice will be and how they'll be able to help you. Finding someone who has been there and busted through it already is key in my approach as a mentor – I truly understand what it takes and how to get it done. I am utterly enthusiastic about what I do, offering fresh, modern, and effective ways of helping people put their best foot forward. 


Everything I've been through, done, learnt, and experimented with has prepared me to guide you in prioritising your mental wellbeing. And to develop your most worthwhile self. I help you enjoy life again by reshaping your limiting beliefs, gaining clarity of purpose, and creating a dedicated support system.


My approach is empowering. You are not helpless in finding ways of coping with mental health; instead, you hold the power to transcend dimensions in life given the right mentoring. So, open your arms and embrace the power to-


  • Escalate your optimism

  • Feel confident from inside out

  • Tackle mild anxiety

  • Deal with mild depression

  • Manage stress in the right manner


This service includes: 

• Pre-session questionnaire
• 1 to 1 confidential session - 75 minutes
• Resources, guidance and tools.
• Follow up post session

Unlock your full potential today with this unique mentoring service!

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