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“I have certainly benefited from regular counselling sessions with Karina, she has enabled me to reflect and move forward in a positive way. Karina gave me time and space which helped me begin to process some very difficult and painful things. I think I am better equipped and am managing challenging situations differently now for the better.

Starting with Karina was made relatively easy as she carefully managed this, so I understood about having a safe space to come to and speak freely and how we were going to work together. She has worked in partnership with me, even checking there wasn’t a conflict for either of us which was important in this small Island. All this gave me an assurance of her compassion and importantly her professionalism.  

Karina always checked in with me about methods used and how I felt. I have never found her pushy, going at the right pace, however Karina is not afraid to challenge me – always appropriate using skilled reflection and communication.

Depression has affected my life for quite some time now and I feel more in control and self-aware than I have done in a long time. I feel more positive about the future and people have been commenting on how I ‘just look different’ in a good way!

I considered words to describe how I have found Karina and came up with a list:

Compassionate  Kind  Non-judgemental  Creative  Patient- very patient  Flexible  Genuine  Validating  Professional  Confidential

I would have no hesitation in recommending Karina and wish her well for the future. She has made a positive difference to my life and as a consequent also to those close to me.

Thank you, Karina.” 

- Client testimony

“Wow, what can I say about Karina. Firstly, she had her work cut out with me because I wasn’t being honest with myself, add to that I’m quite a stubborn soul to the point I avoided my second appointment due to not wanting to admit how desperate I really was. I eventually went and boy what a relief when I walked out of that second appointment, Karina was amazing. She’s professional and extremely good at her job but her caring nature is what shone through for me. She made me feel completely relaxed and comfortable in her presence. With Karina’s help we were able to start putting strategies into place to safeguard me as I was at rock bottom and considering ending my life.

In one session we hit on the need for me to put myself first, as I always put other people’s needs first. The outcome was for me to get home, take myself out of my situation to re-evaluate and surround myself with family and friends, as I had hit on the point I believe in the Universe, Karina advised me to put my trust into it and see what happens. 

Well I got home, looked at last minute flights and couldn’t believe how cheap they were so booked there and then. I had the most amazing week, the very first morning, I awoke, and the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders I couldn’t believe how right she was.

On my return I continued to have weekly sessions until I had reached a point, when I was able to go it alone again. As far as I am concerned Karina caught me at the depths of despair and dragged me back from the brink and I honestly believe I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t reached out for help.

Karina, I feel I owe you my life and no words, flowers or thanks in the world can express my eternal Gratitude.”

- Client testimony

“I went to see Karina as I was struggling to cope with the day to day parenting of my fragile family which is encompassed with mental health issues. At the time, I was feeling overwhelmed and extremely negative in outlook which had been building for years.  Through my sessions with Karina I discovered I was feeling it was my responsibility to fix a great many things that I wasn’t able to control (pain, loss and my children struggling with life generally), and by working them through with her I’ve learned a lot about myself (patterns from a very shaky childhood) and am learning great tools to use in my journey ahead.  My sessions with Karina have given me the ability to be kind to myself, to be present and to be so much more positive which in turn is having a positive effect on the rest of my family.  I feel blessed to have her helping me when everything was so gloomy and unbearable.  Thank you, Karina.”

- Client testimony

"I first met Karina when she was working as a counsellor at a treatment centre. From the start of my three month treatment programme, Karina guided and nurtured me into believing that I could get well.  I was totally defeated, ashamed and broken when I arrived and could not see a way out of the destruction I had caused, not only to myself, but also to my family and friends around me.  Karina was able to encourage me with her words of wisdom and exceptional counselling abilities, but most of all, I will never forget her unwavering belief in a human being such as me. 


I do believe that Karina is one of the very best in her profession, as she is naturally passionate about helping people. She has been truly blessed with natural gifts of wisdom, compassion, empathy and humility and I personally believe that I would not be where I am today if Karina had not been there at the start of my recovery journey."

- Client testimony

"I have known Karina for approximately ten years now; first when she was training to be a counsellor and later, as her supervisor. In both settings I saw the exceptional qualities she possessed, both academically and (even more importantly) in terms of her people skills. She has deep compassion for others but is fully aware of professional boundaries and how important this is to keep both herself and her clients safe. She is empathic, calm, and able to hold even the most difficult of situations in a level headed and supportive way. She is also reliable and dependable with many, many years of experience in various helping settings. I am delighted that she is now offering private counselling and endorse her capability to practice wholeheartedly and without reservation."

- M.C, Professional testimony

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