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Online Counselling

We are now able to offer online counselling, which allows for a more accessible option. More and more people are finding that online counselling offers the flexibility and convenience that they require, when needing emotional or mental health support. 

Online counselling helps us to break down barriers that may prevent you from being able to attend face to face counselling. This is carried out via webcam and you do not need to be technically minded, to benefit from this service, as we will guide you through the process step by step, prior to the session via email or telephone to ensure your comfort. 

Whilst online counselling may be your preference, there are things to consider before accessing this service. You would need to ensure that you have a dedicated space where you can have complete privacy, with no interruptions, so we can fully focus on our work together.

Using new platforms for counselling can seem daunting. However, rest assured we will support you along the way and will be available for any questions you may have prior to our sessions. The platforms used for this service are Skype and Zoom.

Please be advised that payment for online therapy is required 24 hours prior to the session. You will receive an invoice after your session is booked and you can pay online. Should payment not be received, then we will assume the session is cancelled. 

This option allows you the benefit of receiving support in the comfort and security of your own home. 

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